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The Ballito UIP would like to encourage everyone in the Ballito Business Park to report any suspicious activity to the Hotline on 086 111 1588 for prompt response by the security team. Security Officers, such as Fana Dludla, pictured here patrolling the Ballito Business Park, are on hand to ensure the safety of all people in the area.

Additionally, here are some crime awareness tips that you should know to prevent a possible crime from taking place.

  • Know all emergency numbers – have them displayed
  • Ensure that alarms are switched on after office hours and that the premises are properly secured and closed
  • Report any suspicious vehicles or individuals in the area to the security team or the local police
  • Develop a sense of observation to spot suspicious behaviours
  • Never allow strangers to handle keys or look at key/alarm numbers
  • Change locks when keys are lost
  • Insert barring devices in door locks
  • Remove keys from doors when leaving the office
  • Watch customers
  • Always be aware of your surroundings
  • Don’t leave office windows and/or doors open when leaving even for a short time
  • Contact the police if threatening and/or aggressive individuals refuse to leave the premised upon request
  • Install emergency/panic buttons and ensure that all employees know how to use it
  • If possible, have more than one employees on duty in the evenings, to prevent people working alone at night



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