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Next Step – The Business Park

The Ballito UIP has been in operation for 4 months, with services having commenced on 16th November 2015. A full report of this work can be found in this Nov-Feb management report, but in summary, the focus has been on special projects in high visibility areas and on the beachfront, aimed at improving the overall aesthetics of the area, particularly for the festive season. Added to this has been the development of a working relationship with KDM for better service delivery. With the very visible success of this work and the growth in the positive relationship the UIP has developed with KDM, the UIP is now turning its’ attention to the Ballito Business Park.

With this in mind, the UIP has spent the last 2-3 weeks conducting an audit of the area to understand what needs to be addressed by the UIP as well as KDM. Examples of issues included in the audit are:

  • Damaged infrastructure, from broken pavements to missing man hole covers
  • Road repair requirements such as potholes, road-markings and the like
  • Lot cleaning and which owners need to take responsibility for their sites
  • New landscaping projects and areas that need maintenance
  • Street lighting
  • Traffic lights and the deployment of pointsmen
  • Security threats and how to schedule the UIP security patrols and staff


The UIP has now sent the KDM portion of the work to the relevant parties and is sitting with the various departments on timing. In terms of the UIP work, a schedule of work is being pulled together and work should commence in the next 2 weeks. As always, the UIP values your input so if you have any suggestions or concerns over work that should be done in the Business Park, please use the Fault Report System on our website.

Ballito Junction - 10 March 2015 - 28 (2)

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