Rage 2016 kicks off this weekend with some 7 500 out-of-town students expected to stay between uMhlanga Rocks and Ballito until 7th December.

In conjunction with Rage organisers G&G Productions, the City and other related safety bodies and volunteer groups, the UIP has once again put together a Matric Rage Operational Plan with relevant protocol contact details to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for the students.

Rage Rides is Rage Festival’s independent transport network and these vehicles can be identified by Rage Rides logos on the side doors of the vehicles. Please do not drink and drive, rather make use of the transport provided More on Rage Rides

Red Frogs is a support program for young people. They volunteer to look after the health and general well being of the students during the rage festival. For more info call 060 733 3764 or click here.