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The Ballito UIP guards had their hands full yesterday, the 27th of November, with numerous persons deciding to cool off at the Hawkins tidal pool.

A group of individuals decided to ignore the requests of the UIP to refrain from drinking in public and continued to do so freely.

During the later part of the afternoon some of the individuals obviously had a disagreement which resulted in one person being stabbed and hospitalised. Tensions were simmering and despite numerous calls to KDM Law Enforcement and the SAPS no assistance was received. The unarmed UIP Supervisors and guards were forced to act out of necessity to prevent further assaults and probably loss of life. After pursuing an individual for some distance into the residential area one of the culprits was apprehended, he was found in possession of a cell phone stolen earlier in the afternoon.

The culprit was later handed over to the SAPS. Fortunately this time the UIP staff were finally able to bring the situation under control.

It is important to note that the primary function of the UIP is to point out by-law transgressions and request compliance, the actual policing of public behaviour is the function of KDM Law Enforcement and the South African Police.

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