Many areas of KZN including some parts of Gauteng were severely affected by last week’s unrest, looting, and violence. In the aftermath, it has been truly inspiring to see communities quickly rally together to protect, clean up, assist with supplies to affected areas, lift spirits and help rebuild KZN.

Ballito UIP Precinct Manager, Thierry Leclezio provides an update on Ballito:

  • How was Ballito affected by the unrest?

The Ballito area was extremely fortunate to not have any looting or arson incidents. However, businesses in the area were closed and could not trade for safety reasons.

  • How did the Ballito UIP teams operate last week?

The BUIP security teams worked throughout last week, assisting in keeping Ballito safe and showing great teamwork. The remainder of our cleaning and maintenance teams are now back on the ground doing good work and the Ballito UIP looks great.

  • How did the immediate and surrounding community pull together to assist?

It was very encouraging to see communities organise themselves to provide essential goods to affected neighbouring communities and the community worked so well together to protect our area. It was amazing to see.

  • What does the road ahead look like for Ballito?

Some businesses have re-opened and the rest will be open in a controlled manner over the next period.

We believe that our province and our country will come out stronger after this! As we have seen during this time, the South African spirit is remarkable as we have witnessed the thousands of people coming together to pick up the pieces.

The Ballito UIP team hopes you are all well and keep safe.


MAIN IMAGE: N2 Bridge guarded