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A shout out to donors, businesses, community projects, mom’s groups and NGOs for help in building a central database of greater Ballito community support efforts

The Greater Ballito Community Support Unit (GB-CSU) is calling on all donors and charitable organisations in the area to help build a central database of who is doing what and where. This will enhance our collective effort to uplift local communities who need support. The database of NPOs, NGOs, Faith-based Organisations, Civil Society Groups, and various other projects will be shared with all who sign up.

The GB-CSU aims to connect charitable organisations with donors through a centralised collaborative platform to help needy communities within a 10km radius of the town. The unit will do this through the following measures:

  1. Link donors and beneficiaries through a centralised database. Click here if you are a donor or a beneficiary.
  2. Map who is doing what and where so we can identify areas of need and ensure there is no duplication of efforts
  3. Provide support to existing structures currently on the ground (NPOs, NGOs, Faith-based Organisations, Civil Society Groups etc) who are servicing our Greater Ballito community – the GB-CSU has funding and would like to support efforts

Very Important

  1. This initiative does not replace any existing project / programmes or established relationships
  2. It wishes to create an enabling and collaborative platform for sustainably addressing pressing needs in our Greater Ballito community


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