In many businesses, posters are seen as an integral part of advertising to help it grow. But often too many unregulated or illegal posters or advertising placed incorrectly can lead to an urban space looking shabby and uncared for. Ballito UIP precinct manager Thierry Leclezio tells us about the Ballito UIP’s poster management system that ensures posters are kept in check.

What does the Ballito UIP’s poster management system entail?

We work closely with KwaDukuza Municipality, checking for illegal posters that do not display the municipality’s official sticker. We send photos of any illegal posters to them and upon their instruction remove them and deliver to their offices or allocated container.

Does your poster management include graffiti?

Yes, graffiti is assessed daily, and we remove it simply by painting over it.

How often do you need to take posters down?

This depends on how much is out there. We can do it once a week or once every two weeks.

Is there a special technique to get posters off walls?

The posters are generally easy to remove. If they are glued down, we use paint scrapers, sponges, soap and water to get them off.

Why is poster management important in the precinct?

Illegal posters must be monitored and removed to ensure an area looks well managed and conveys a good experience of place for property owners and the public to enjoy.

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