SHAKASHEAD, the KwaDukuza Municipality as of this morning amplified its fight against illegal electricity connections which are milking the public purse on one hand and are a safety hazard on the hand.
The morning’s operation in the Ward 04 (source: Facebook) came to the municipality by means of a tip-off from concerned community members who were seeing landlords tempering with electricity so that they don’t have to pay for it, whilst running businesses. This was done at the expense of a thriving community who work hard to make ends meet, the community, therefore, felt that it was not fair on their part, that they have to buy electricity whilst landlords were generating an income “for free” by tempering with services.
Speaking at the inspection in-loco of these defaulting rental properties the Municipal Manager, Mr Nhlanhla Mdakane, gave a stern warning to those involved in stealing municipal services and asked communities to continue to speak against such tendencies and behaviour so that the municipality can act and by doing so protect the interests of those paying for their services.
The Municipal Manager also said these disconnections have the full backing of the KwaDukuza Municipal Council which is also not happy that there are paying individuals whilst others are stealing. 
The community of KwaDukuza at large is warned that should they be found to be stealing electricity, we will be disconnecting their homes from the grid and as well as confiscate municipal or illegally sourced assets connecting them to the grid.