The 2016 season was a very busy one for Ballito and the UIP, with great weather and long weekends bringing many people to the beaches and promenade to enjoy their time off work and school.

At some points, the crowds did pose challenges in terms of cleanliness and other issues such as drinking in public and the UIP had their hand full making sure the area was clean each day. In terms of stats, at the end of December 2016, there were 4 reports of crime in public space down from 9 in December 2015 and 95 reports of drinking in public, down from 120 last year – but still a way to go! On the cleaning front, the UIP removed 379 dustbin bags of rubbish, up from the 280 collected last year.

With the crowds now dying down, the UIP is in the process of setting its’ plans for 2017, with exciting projects to complete and key challenges to overcome. These plans will be communicated in a few weeks, but in the meantime please read this short summary of 2016 and a message from Thierry Leclezio – your precinct manager.

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