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Verge Installed Outside SMG Ballito

As part of the Ballito UIP special projects for last month. A new verge has been installed outside SMG Ballito. The area is looking much neater with the upgrade.

All In The Name

Because the small things matter, the Ballito UIP team has replaced the missing letters in the name signage on the Clarke Bay Lifesavers Building – thanks team!

Ballito Curb Maintenance

During the last week, the Ballito UIP maintenance team has been attending to the repainting of the curbs around the improvement precinct area – ensuring they look neat and well maintained.

Ongoing Curb Maintenance

The UIP staff have been hard at work attending to curb maintenance around the Ballito precinct – thanks team for the continual effort.

Storm-water Cover Upgrades Continue

As part of the Ballito UIP’s special project plan, our contractor has completed the upgrade and replacement of 10 more storm water drains around the precinct.