Moja Carts initiative gets rolling in Ballito UIP

The Ballito UIP is pleased and proud to introduce the first of our Moja Carts to the Ballito Business Park. This initiative aims to uplift informal traders in our area by giving them a safe and secure place to sell…

Bollards Being Maintained By BUIP Team

The Ballito UIP maintenance team is currently straightening and replacing bollards as required in the precinct, with stock on hand. Besides it’s aesthetic advantages, the bollards protect the storm water drains from damage and when placed on sidewalks, helps protect pedestrians.

Ballito Snapshot

Precinct Manager Thierry Leclezio gives us a snapshot of how things are looking on the ground. Watch the video HERE.

Ballito UIP Continue Efforts During Lockdown

This week our skeleton cleaning team hit the ground to fill the cleansing gap and keep the precinct clean and tidy. Our ablutions, lifeguard towers and vehicles were also sanitised. The Ballito UIP encourages social distancing amongst our contracted security and…

Ballito UIP Precinct Spray Sanitisation

Spray sensitisation of numerous areas within the Ballito UIP precinct took place this week. These included the spraying of the ablution facilities, the lifeguard tower as well as the Ballito UIP vehicles. Taking precautions to keep our staff safe during…

Still On Duty

The beaches may be closed but we’re still on patrol twice daily seven days a week with security continuing as normal!

Ballito Business Park – Day 1 Lock-Down

Ballito UIP Precinct Manager @dieterfittkau gives us a peak into the Ballito Business Park during a security patrol on lock-down day one. Our precinct managers will be conducting twice daily patrols seven days a week while our security contingent continues…