BUIP team carry out repairs within the precinct

Over the past week, the Ballito UIP maintenance team repaired a damaged stormwater drain near Salmon Bay and minor potholes around the Precinct. Well done team!

A busy week for the BUIP maintenance team

The Ballito UIP maintenance team had a busy week with plenty of maintenance work around the precinct. The team cut the grass on along the promenade, M4 and Ballito Business Park while new gardens were planted in the Lower Ballito…

Lower Ballito CBD Maintenance

The Lower Ballito CBD received some TLC this week. The broken pavement is repaired, our maintenance team removed the old rusted bus stop and the grass patch has been cleaned.  Well done team!

The BUIP team puts their green fingers to work

The BUIP greening team has completed a revamp of the park opposite the Ballito Junction Mall. Some of the tasks included weed removal, spraying, a general clean-up, grass scarifying, and top dressing application with more blue stones now installed. The…

Ballito Promenade Clean Up

The Ballito UIP Cleaning and Greening team is busy with a major promenade clean-up. We are also glad to report that the promenade ablutions will be revamped in early October. Watch this space for the revamp pics!

Verge clean up near Ballito Bay mall under way

The Ballito UIP Cleaning and Greening team is busy with a major verge clean up near the Ballito Bay mall from upper Simbithi Drive to upper Leonora Drive. The grass was cut with old palm fronds and bits of concrete…

All in a day’s work!

Yesterday the UIP team repaired the paving around the promenade benches and topped up the blue stones around them for a neater look and added stability. The wall at the Zimbali border was painted and the bins levelled. All damaged…