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Simbithi Traffic Circle Garden Upgraded

We are so glad to show off the traffic circle garden revamp at the top of Simbithi Drive, in Ballito, just below BP Garage. The before image is shown below.

Traffic Circle Revamp Lower Ballito CBD

These before and after photos show the paving that has been revamped at the traffic circle near the Spar on Compensation Beach Road, in the lower Ballito CBD. This is a Ballito UIP special project.

Ballito UIP Hotline Number Fault

Please note that the Ballito UIP Hotline number is currently out of order due to a Telkom related fault. We are in regular contact with Telkom, attempting to resolve the matter soonest. In the interim, please use the following channels…

We Celebrate Our 4th Birthday!

The Ballito UIP is celebrating its 4TH BIRTHDAY!! How time flies! We look forward to continuing the work we do for the years to come. Thank YOU! for your support over the years. Follow us on our Facebook and Instagram…

Repairs To Concrete Bollards

The Ricky B Trucking & Plant Hire team are in the process of repairing concrete Bollards at both Ozard Way and Emberton Way, through the Ballito UIP. Watch this space for an update on the completed work. 

Repaired Stop Sign

The damaged stop sign in Salmon Bay is now repaired. The repair was carried out by the Ballito UIP Team. 

Repairing The Promenade

In preparation for the festive season, the damaged areas on the Ballito Promenade in the vicinity of Boulder Bay are being repaired. Thanks to Ricky B Trucking and Plant Hire for carrying out the repair. Our apologies for any inconvenience…

Signage Letters Replaced

The Clarke Bay Lifesavers Club sign had letters replaced by the UIP last week. Small initiatives like this keeps Ballito looking good!

Ballito Promenade Lavatories Get A Revamp

We are glad to announce that the Ballito UIP team have just completed a revamp on the Ballito Promenade lavatories. The Salmon Bay and Hawkins toilets have been painted on the inside and outside, including the doors to the toilets.…