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Load Shedding Warning

ALERT: Please note that Eskom has warned of Stage 2 Load Shedding to be implemented from 9am – 11pm today! Please use the load shedding schedule available here to guide you on timing of the outages. PLEASE NOTE: This is…

Collision On P445 – Update

A collision occurred on the P445, yesterday morning the 14th of October, in the vicinity of the Ballito Taxi Rank. Fortunately, there were no fatalities. The centre median fence did however incur some damage. We are glad to report that…

KDM Repairing Traffic Lights

The Kwa-Dukuza Municipality were busy repairing traffic lights around Ballito over the past weekend. Thank you KDM for attending to this.

Pothole Repair In Ballito Business Park

A huge thank you to the KwaDukuza Municipality (KDM) for heeding the requests that the Ballito UIP sent, to repair a large pothole as a matter of urgency. The pothole was in the Ballito Business Park in Douglas Crowe Drive…

Ballito Drive Walkway Repair Complete

The severely damaged walkway on Ballito Drive has now been completely repaired. The project was part of the Ballito UIP special projects and was completed last week. The area is looking much neater now.

Ballito Drive Walkway Repair

As part of the Ballito UIP Special Projects, the severely damaged walkway on Ballito Drive is currently being repaired. The project began at the end of August, was funded by the UIP and will be completed this month. We will…

Post And Rail Damage

The Ballito UIP are aware of the damage done to the post and rail on the promenade, towards the area of the Hops. The team is currently in the process of obtaining materials to carry out the repair. We will…

Meters And Cables Stolen And Robots Vandalized

Please note that the Ballito UIP are aware of the cables and meters that have been stolen and the robots that have been vandalized in various areas across Ballito. In areas with broken down robots, please treat these areas as…