New sign on Ballito promenade

New signs have been installed on the Ballito promenade and are looking really good. The older signs have been removed.

Ballito amenities get a revamp ahead of the festive season

The Ballito UIP maintenance team did a great job revamping the promenade ablution facilities ahead of the festive season. Damaged toilets were repaired and painting inside and outside of Salmon Bay and Hawkins car park ablution facilities is complete. A…

How have mixed-use developments weathered the pandemic?

When it comes to weathering the pandemic the saying ‘don’t put all your eggs in one basket’ rings true. And same can be said for mixed-use developments that feature various elements making them more resilient to change. Frank Reardon, chief…

A busy week for the BUIP maintenance team

The Ballito UIP maintenance team had a busy week with plenty of maintenance work around the precinct. The team cut the grass on along the promenade, M4 and Ballito Business Park while new gardens were planted in the Lower Ballito…

Ballito Promenade Clean Up

The Ballito UIP Cleaning and Greening team is busy with a major promenade clean-up. We are also glad to report that the promenade ablutions will be revamped in early October. Watch this space for the revamp pics!

Ballito UIP maintenance keeps the precinct looking good

There’s been plenty of maintenance activity lately as we continue with our efforts to keep the precinct looking great. Straightening signs, removing graffiti, fixing lights, painting curbs and repairing promenade planks are all in a week’s work. A big thank…

Bollards Being Maintained By BUIP Team

The Ballito UIP maintenance team is currently straightening and replacing bollards as required in the precinct, with stock on hand. Besides it’s aesthetic advantages, the bollards protect the storm water drains from damage and when placed on sidewalks, helps protect pedestrians.

Ballito Promenade Update

We are aware of confusion around the use of the promenade under the new National Government regulations. This communication confirms that the KwaDukuza Municipality has given formal notification to the UIP that in terms of the COVID-19 Level 4 regulations,…