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Ballito Promenade Lavatories Get A Revamp

We are glad to announce that the Ballito UIP team have just completed a revamp on the Ballito Promenade lavatories. The Salmon Bay and Hawkins toilets have been painted on the inside and outside, including the doors to the toilets.…

Willards Beach Embankment Rehabilitation Complete

The rehabilitation of the Willards Beach grass embankment is now complete. This project became necessary due to soil erosion in the area. Topsoil and grass have been installed to counteract the issue and this will prevent further erosion from occurring.

Willards Beach Grass Embankment Rehabilitation

The Ballito UIP Cleaning and Greening team are currently hard at work carrying out rehabilitation of the Willards Beach grass embankment. Due to erosion, topsoil and grass is being installed to counteract the issue and to prevent further soil erosion…

All In The Name

Because the small things matter, the Ballito UIP team has replaced the missing letters in the name signage on the Clarke Bay Lifesavers Building – thanks team!

All Systems Go For The Pro

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The Ballito Pro 2019 presented by O’Neill kicks off on 27th June and runs through to the 7th of July at Willards Beach, Ballito. Bringing together extreme sports’ stars and non-stop beachside entertainment in one of the country’s most stunning…

Willards Lifeguard Tower Revamp

Today Paintsmiths Ballito and their partners began work on the waterproofing, repainting and general repairs to the Willards Beach Lifesaving Tower. Initiated and funded by the company, the UIP is very grateful to the Paintsmiths team for their sense of…

Water Colour No Cause For Alarm

PLEASE NOTE: The pink/red water colour of grannies pool is nothing to be concerned about. It is caused by dye used in a flood test on one of the beachfront properties. The water flushed into the storm water system as…