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Potholes In Ballito Business Park

URGENT UPDATE: Please note that the Ballito UIP are aware of the potholes that have come up all over the Ballito Business Park as a result of the rain and weather conditions and will address the issues once the rain…

Ballito Drive Traffic Circle Upgrade

Another wonderful traffic circle revamp.This circle is situated by the BP Garage on Ballito Drive and is a Ballito UIP special project.

Simbithi Traffic Circle Garden Upgraded

We are so glad to show off the traffic circle garden revamp at the top of Simbithi Drive, in Ballito, just below BP Garage. The before image is shown below.

Second Traffic Circle Revamp – Lower Ballito

The second traffic circle that was revamped in the lower Ballito CBD, as part of the UIP’s special projects. A new paving was installed on the northern traffic circle in Compensation Beach Road. The UIP we will also be carrying…

Traffic Circle Revamp Lower Ballito CBD

These before and after photos show the paving that has been revamped at the traffic circle near the Spar on Compensation Beach Road, in the lower Ballito CBD. This is a Ballito UIP special project.

Load Shedding Announced

Eskom announced that load shedding is likely to continue. Please use the load shedding schedule available here to guide you on timing of the outages. PLEASE NOTE: This is as per the guide the UIP has received and is the…

Ballito UIP Hotline Number Repaired

Please note that the Ballito UIP Hotline number is now repaired and working once again. Thank you for your patience and our apologies for any inconvenience caused.

By Law Compliance

PLEASE NOTE: The Ballito UIP guards had their hands full yesterday, the 27th of November, with numerous persons deciding to cool off at the Hawkins tidal pool. A group of individuals decided to ignore the requests of the UIP to…

Ballito UIP Hotline Number Fault

Please note that the Ballito UIP Hotline number is currently out of order due to a Telkom related fault. We are in regular contact with Telkom, attempting to resolve the matter soonest. In the interim, please use the following channels…


Please note that the Ballito UIP are aware of the large potholes around the precinct. Due to the current inclement weather, it is difficult to get them repaired immediately. We will however begin repairs, once the weather permits. Thank you…