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Ballito Drive Gets A New Garden

Ballito Drive is looking great with a newly installed garden, done by the Ballito UIP Cleaning and Greening team this week. An added bit of greenery is always a good thing!

Verge Installed Outside SMG Ballito

As part of the Ballito UIP special projects for last month. A new verge has been installed outside SMG Ballito. The area is looking much neater with the upgrade.

Curb Installation On Moffat Drive

As part of the Ballito UIP special projects for the month of March, a curb was installed near a robot on the centre of the road on Moffat drive due to safety concerns. The curb now prevents drivers from driving…

Planting Up M4 Retaining Wall

The UIP have added some much needed greenery to the M4 retaining wall in Ballito. These small efforts go a long way in adding to the overall neatness of the area.

Revamping Lower CBD Garden

The Ballito UIP Cleaning and Greening team have been in the process of revamping the garden in the lower Ballito CBD over the past few days.

Bollards Installed

The Ballito UIP has just finished an installation of bollards on the grass area next to the N2 / Ballito on ramp. This is one of the special projects on the UIP 2019 delivery plan.

24 Hour Ballito Hotline Number

REMINDER: Please take note of the 24 hour Ballito hotline number! Make use of the number for crime and fault reporting.

NSRI Station 41 At Ballito

The Summer 2018 NSRI Sea Rescue magazine ran an article on the newly structured NSRI Station 14 at Ballito. Led by Quentin Powers, the article sums up the incredible sense of community this team embraces and reminds us how important…

Kenwyn On Sea Complex – Ballito Welcomes You

A warm welcome to the Kenwyn On Sea complex and thank-you for signing up as a voluntary contributor to the Ballito UIP. As one of the biggest residential and rental apartment blocks in Ballito, their contributions will have a significant…

Rates Rebate Renewal Period

The Municipality has issued rates rebate renewal letters to be returned signed and commissioned to the Municipality by the 30th April 2019. Rebates are provided to senior citizens, the medically boarded, people with disabilities and child-headed households. Renewal letters will…